Our next step has arrived.

The Creator State is our Divine reunification with Source/Infinite Creator. As we move into this level of Unity Consciousness, Mastery skills are activated which have a strong impact on collective realities, outcomes and global experiences.

This Divine light-encoded course explores our next level of creativity, methods and practices for walking in both worlds, and allowing pure Source consciousness to create miracles through our Crystalline Multidimensional Self.

Methods, Guidance and Activations

A unique Mastery course in Embodiment skills, rainbow lightbody wisdom, and Divine NOW consciousness.

This Mastery-Level Course includes:

  • A concise overview of the Creator State

  • Preparing the Spiritual Lightbody and Physical, Emotional, Mental levels for dimensional-shifting influxes

  • Enhancing our Creative Skills through Presence

    Achieving constant connection with your higher levels

  • Completing the Universal Chakra merge and Crystalline Tree of Life activation

  • Rejuvenation techniques

  • How to utilize the incoming plasma and new codes

  • Experiencing the Solar flashing activity already in Progress

  • Utilizing the Solar Reflector, Crystalline Plasma and Trinity Crowns

  • Abundance as a Universal, Fluid Force

  • Becoming a Pure Conduit: the ultimate BEingness

  • Experiencing Zero Point and how to use it for Creation

  • Creator State Change: Our In-the-Moment Secret Tool

  • How to apply our higher skills to walking between worlds

  • Aligning with Highest Outcomes for personal and collective Ascension

Prerequisite required: Ascension Path Foundations, Crystalline DNA Mastery or similar training is recommended for this Mastery-level class.


7 Activating Modules

Each module contains multiple professional, prerecorded training videos with Mastery-level methods, heart-opening tools and clear guidance for exploring your Creator State of Beingness.

7 Brand New Meditations

Guided journeys and experiences to enhance each step. Sandra's expansive meditations are a go-to for many Starseeds and seekers. Downloadable quality audio mp3s that you may keep forever.

7 Printable Guidesheets

Each module finishes with a downloadable, printable guidesheet and process check for maximum support. Audio mp3s and PDFs are downloadable, videos are not downloadable.

Meet your Guide

I AM Sandra Walter, an Ascension Guide in service to the organic transformation of Gaia and HUmanity to the New Earth Consciousness. I have assisted thousands with their Ascension through courses, events and writings on the process.

If your intention is to experience the Divinity within and allow it transform your life, I can assist.

Level Up teaches you all about the Kryst/Christ Light. How to call it forth, use it, and qualify every aspect of your days with the Infinite Kryst.

A true guide provides empowerment, and gets excited about your progress. I genuinely celebrate your intention to explore Ascension! This is a unified operation, so the brighter you shine the brighter all of us become.

Bonus Material

LIVE Activation Call on November 7

A Live Zoom webinar (with video & audio replays) for clarity, activation and unified practice of class content.

"At this critically sensitive time, we need leaders with integrity, clarity, inspiration, and vision. Sandra embodies these qualities, leads with her crystal clear heart, and inspires others to be, do, and live their higher truth."

Jacquie Jordan
CEO, TV Guestpert

"I LOVED Crystalline DNA Mastery. It was one of those Master Teachings received during critical points of highly accelerated evolution in my life. And it is presented in a clear, concise, thorough, highly understandable format, which inspires deep quantum insight."

Debra Giusti

"Amidst the smoggy spiritual traffic, Sandra rises like a clear, golden geyser. She’s the real deal, free from ego, free from the fancy bells and whistles that often swirl in this space. Her classes offer authentic, deep spiritual connection. Nowhere have I synthesized my own practice faster and deeper than with Sandra. She is a supreme wayshower and golden angel, or as I think of her; the God Whisperer."

JJ Martin
Founder, LaDoubleJ.com

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