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Reconnecting with the Higher Self and Source is both profound and challenging. Sandra Walter's services provide transformative courses, events and tools to discover your True Self with ease and grace.

Discover why Sandra has been called one of the best Ascension Guides available! Content-Rich courses with a full year of access.

Starseeds & Lightworkers have unified every SUNday for 4 years during these Global Meditations focused on Peace and Ascension.

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Meet Your Guide

Blessings Beloved ~ I AM Sandra Walter, an Ascension Guide in service to the organic transformation of Gaia and HUmanity to the New Earth Consciousness.

If your intention is to experience the Divinity within and allow it transform your life, I can assist. My services provide transformative tools, classes and support to discover your True Self with ease and grace.

A true guide provides empowerment, and gets excited about your progress.  I genuinely celebrate your intention to explore Ascension! This is a unified operation, so the brighter you shine the brighter all of us become.




A deeply comprehensive, content-rich and activating online course to clarify, focus and accelerate your process.

$444 for a Full Year of Access!


Align with your highest service! This course is loaded with tools for creation, productivity and leveling up your creations.

$333 for a Full Year of Access!


An in-depth Mastery course in Crystalline DNA 144-strand activation. How it works, how to do it, and why.

$333 for a full year of access.


A unique Mastery course in Creator State dynamics, Crystalline Lightbody and utilizing Sacred Skills.

$333 for a Full year of Access!



Video & Audio Replays from the March 20 event. Activations and guidance for the next phase of Ascension. $33.


Crystalline Convergence in Sedona

Live Solstice Event June 19-20 in Sedona, Arizona. Our annual event returns! Attend in person or watch via Livestream.



Amidst the smoggy spiritual traffic, Sandra rises like a clear, golden geyser. She’s the real deal, free from ego, free from the fancy bells and whistles that often swirl in this space. Her classes offer authentic, deep spiritual connection. Nowhere have I synthesized my own practice faster and deeper than with Sandra. She is a supreme wayshower and golden angel, or as I think of her; the God Whisperer.

J.J. Martin

Sandra is the most prolific, selfless, and grounded ascension teacher I know. Her multidimensional courses constantly awaken me to new levels of consciousness, and each one is packed with powerful visual, written, spoken and guided meditative content. She lives and teaches as a true spiritual master —  a crystalline embodiment of the Divine — and she inspires us all to do the same.

Christabel Zamor, Founder
Breath of Bliss Academy

Sandra's appearances as a premier featured guest have provided our listeners with vital information and the energetic attunements to quicken, amplify, and embody the shifts that are facilitating the higher timelines. Sandra is truly a Master Ascension guide.

John Burgos
Beyond The Ordinary Show

There is nothing like Sandra's DNA Mastery course out there! Her meditations and activations are a go-to for anyone serious about their ascension.

Giselle Koy
Coach for Visionary Women

Sandra's Crystalline DNA Mastery class has been the most valuable resource for support and innerstanding of the ascension process. I feel more empowered and validated in my personal experience . Sandra's tools have helped me fine-tune my biolandscape, and optimize activations and upgrades, both personally and professionally.

April Pfender
RMT & Quantum Healer
Golden Light Alchemy

At this critically sensitive time, we need leaders with integrity, clarity, inspiration, and vision. Sandra embodies these qualities, leads with her crystal clear heart, and inspires others to be, do, and live their higher truth.

Jacquie Jordan,
Author, Publisher, Producer
CEO of TVGuestPert

Sandra is a true Wayshower, a divine gift to this planet, whose insight and guidance into the highest levels of the real-time turning of this Golden Age are unparalleled and shared with precision, clarity, integrity, humility and compassion. 

John Smrtic, JD
Yoga, Meditation & Pilgrimage Guide

Sandra is pure gold, and one of my most important teachers. Ascension Path changed my entire outlook on life. If you want the highest level content to assist your journey, Sandra is the teacher for you! I never miss Sandra's webinars. She provides essential information and profoundly transformational activations!

Brenda Tink
Yoga Coach

Rising Sun Yoga

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