The Crystalline DNA conversation has changed.

Embodiment and Pure Unity consciousness experiences are taking the Starseed and Lightworker collective to the Next Level: Becoming bridges to the New Earth realities, right through our DNA.

This Mastery-Level Course includes:

  • A concise overview of Crystalline DNA

  • How DNA maintains a zero-point record for ALL of your potential outcomes and experiences.

  • Complete overview of the etheric strands/layers of DNA and their purpose.

  • The three phases of DNA activation with complete steps, guidance, tools and supportive methods.

  • Physical, mental, emotional and detoxification: Creating the biolandscape for optimum DNA activation

  • How to reunify and reconnect Crystalline DNA for a pure experience of Ascension.

  • The Crystalline DNA Gateway; Activating the bridge to a new experience across dimensions and densities.

  • Rainbow Bridge DNA and the frequency of Christ consciousness: Embodiment and the experience of Ascension in form.

  • How Gatekeepers and Gridworkers interact with stargates and ancient structures through the DNA, and how you can activate this Divine Service for your own journey.

  • Immortality, Freedom, and Unity Consciousness Code activations: receiving the Christed State as your consistent, palpable reality.

  • Integrating the new light level in your DNA and cells: Symptoms, support and best practices as your lower levels adjust to merging with the Higher Selves.

  • Protecting yourself from DNA-damaging substances, frequencies, programs and lower-level thought forms.

  • Downloadable guided audio experiences for activation, reconnection, zero point, and exploring the multidimensional Self.

Quality Videos

High-Vibe professional, prerecorded training videos with Mastery-level methods, heart-opening tools and clear guidance for Crystalline DNA activation.

How-to steps with clarity

Sandra provides clear explanations and tools for a complete understanding of DNA, activation, and the highest experience possible.

Supportive Materials

Downloadable audio meditations, Q&A call replays, and printable PDF files provide complete support for your journey. (Videos are not downloadable.)

The mysteries of our Quantum DNA are un-veiled in this unique online class!

This 12-Module class offers proven methods and a deep-dive on HOW to unlock the highest potentials of your DNA.

Prerequisite required: Ascension Path Foundations or similar study and application of Ascension principles is recommended.

Guided by Sandra Walter, a global teacher who is experiencing Crystalline DNA and its effects. Sandra created this high-vibe intensive for activation and integration of Multidimensional Crystalline DNA.

"Working with your DNA class is beyond words. The experience of huge heart expansion, Love for everything, Bliss, Peacefulness, Oneness. After starting your DNA class, my general energy level is raising and are more stable than I have experienced for years."

Lena M.

"I LOVED Crystalline DNA Mastery. It was one of those Master Teachings received during critical points of highly accelerated evolution in my life. And it is presented in a clear, concise, thorough, highly understandable format, which inspires deep quantum insight."

Debra Giusti

"I am studying the DNA class and my heart is overflowing with gratitude for your work. I am so enjoying it and it's so necessary. Thank you so much for the degree of commitment and heart you bring to the planet."

New Mexico, USA

Mastery Level, Light-Encoded Content

Participants report revelations, attunements and higher choices presenting while engaging with the tools and light codes in this class.

High-Vibrational Art provided by Jean-Luc Bozzoli, a master digital artist and visionary. 

The combination of Sandra's light-encoded voice and content with Jean-Luc's visuals create pure activations to support true DNA activation.

Bonus Material

Bridging the Science and Spirituality of DNA

High-Vibe video discussions of Quantum DNA with Scientists, Healing device creators and facilitators of DNA activations.

Q&A Class Call Replays

Insightful video and audio replays of Q&A calls of Sandra with the original class participants.

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