Guidance, Events & Services to support spiritual awakening

Embody your Divine Presence
& experience the Ascension with more ease and grace.

Ascension is a beautiful and challenging process.

It requires effective practices to transform the body, mind, emotions, ego, & spirit into a higher vibrational state.

Your journey is unique.

Here you'll find courses, events, & services to free your Heart, expand your Consciousness, & support Self-Revelation.



Ascension Guide & Pure Conduit

I have helped thousands open their Sacred Heart, reconnect with the I AM Presence, and activate their Ascension.

A true guide provides empowerment & gets excited about your progress. I genuinely celebrate your Ascension! 

The brighter you shine, the brighter all of us become.

If your intention is to experience the Divinity within and use it transform your life, I AM honored to serve your journey.



What supports your Ascension process in this Now?

Join us live at the Sedona Convergence, online for the Presence Masterclasses, take an Ascension Course, or participate in the SUNday Unity Meditations.

Guidance & Inspiration is always available

Explore the offerings below and receive quality support for true transformation.

We unify EVERY SUNDAY in Global meditation. Celebrating seven years of weekly meditations!


Presence Masterclasses: Online, every other month.  Expand your skills, activate Divine Presence, & unify in Sacred Service.


Clear, comprehensive  & effective courses from a seasoned Ascension Guide. Advanced Ascension to Mastery levels.


Need more support? Private sessions provide a safe, confidential space to receive guidance for those on the Advanced path.


Benefits of the Ascension Experience

Feel Divine Love

Opening your heart is everything in this process. Create Heart Coherence to authentically experience the Ascension, and access the eternal Sacred within.

Experience True Freedom

Freedom from old perceptions is a profound and powerful skill. Blissful & grounded, walking in all realms as a conduit of Divine Will and Truth. Shed the veils at last.

Transcend Density

Live in the radiation of a pure heart, allowing Kryst embodiment; Divine in form. Your Crystalline Lightbody, Divine DNA and I AM Presence reveal the organic Ascension in the physical.

Praise from Luminaries

John Burgos, Host
Beyond the Ordinary

Sandra's appearances as a premier featured guest have provided our listeners with vital information and the energetic attunements to quicken, amplify, and embody the shifts that are facilitating the higher timelines. 

Sandra is truly a Master Ascension guide.

J.J. Martin, Founder

Amidst the smoggy spiritual traffic, Sandra rises like a clear, golden geyser. She’s the real deal, free from ego, free from the fancy bells and whistles that often swirl in this space.

Her classes offer authentic, deep spiritual connection. Nowhere have I synthesized my own practice faster and deeper than with Sandra. She is a supreme wayshower and golden angel, or as I think of her; the God Whisperer.

Christabel Zamor, Founder
Breath of Bliss

Sandra is the most prolific, selfless, and grounded ascension teacher I know.

Her multidimensional courses constantly awaken me to new levels of consciousness. Each is packed with powerful visual, written, and guided meditative content.

She lives and teaches as a true spiritual master and  inspires us to do the same.

April Pfender, RMT
Golden Light Academy

Sandra's Crystalline DNA Mastery class has been the most valuable resource for support and innerstanding of the ascension process.

Sandra's tools have helped me fine-tune my biolandscape, and optimize activations and upgrades, both personally and professionally.


December 2nd
 Replays now available

Sandra prepares us for the deep transformation of Sacred Season.



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