Ascension Guide Sandra Walter hosted a Zoom Webinar to support our collective transformation.

This Advanced-Level 2 hour presentation includes:

  • Divine Neutrality: Strengthening a key Ascension skill

  • Utilizing Quantum Equanimity codes and balancing energies

  • Ending Vibrational Dissonance

  • Uncensored Heart-Based Content

This event focuses on Advanced-level techniques and activations. All welcome to participate.

A beautiful and challenging year is unfolding. Rapid change, revelation and reality shifts.

Our quarterly webinars provide clarity on the unique energies and shifts of 2021.

Prepared hearts are going through a metamorphosis of consciousness which reaches beyond our previous level of embodiment.

Many are already sensing and experiencing the transfiguration of mental, emotional and physical states. Our Lightbodies will receive more Divine Light and recoding than ever before.

Sandra shares key tools and higher realm guidance for this Divine passage of Crystalline Revelation.

"WOW your teachings keep expanding me. I listened to the webinar today. What an experience, at one point I felt like I was going to just rise up out of my body and leave... the energy flowing through my being and body was electric... the information was beyond my expectations."

T.B., PhD

"Thank YOU for your service and contribution to HUmanity and to my life too. I AM deeply grateful and in honoring of YOU and The Divine working in you and through you, as you. I am so humbled by you and truly grateful for you. Words cannot express your service and contribution has truly touched me in the most magnificent ways as well as the lives I serve and contribute to and The DIVINE in me."

Florida, USA

"Amidst the smoggy spiritual traffic, Sandra rises like a clear, golden geyser. She’s the real deal, free from ego, free from the fancy bells and whistles that often swirl in this space. Her classes offer authentic, deep spiritual connection. Nowhere have I synthesized my own practice faster and deeper than with Sandra. She is a supreme wayshower and golden angel, or as I think of her; the God Whisperer."

J.J .Martin

"At this critically sensitive time, we need leaders with integrity, clarity, inspiration, and vision. Sandra embodies these qualities, leads with her crystal clear heart, and inspires others to be, do, and live their higher truth."

Jaquie Jordan
CEO, TVGuestPert


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