Clarity, Activation, and Guidance for Ascension

One-on-One sessions provide:

  • Private, confidential guidance for those ALREADY ENGAGED with the Ascension process.
  • Clarity, insights, and trajectories for your Sacred journey
  • Guidance from your Higher levels may present; you may choose to receive or decline this information.
  • A safe, sacred space to discuss your metaphysical, multidimensional or contact experiences.
  • Your session is open for whatever you would like to explore or ask about your Ascension process. It may include Infinite Kryst activation, Crystalline LightBody expansion, Heart opening, or DNA recalibration, if your guidance team requests this and you agree to receive.

If you are new to the Ascension process, take the Ascension Path Foundations class before booking a session.

"Revelations continue to pulse forth since my session. A series of events happened at such an accelerated speed that it felt like someone pushed the fast forward button. It is so CLEAR how everything was suddenly speeding up. That night, the dreams were very insightful and healing. Sandra, your sessions, energy, light and love make a huge difference in this world."

H. V.


  • Sessions are 60 minutes via Zoom video or phone.
  • Scheduling is subject to availability; check the calendar link below for availability and booking.
  • You will receive a receipt and Zoom invitation with details upon booking. Check your email filters!
  • This is not a psychic reading or psychiatric counseling. Sandra does not provide entity removal.

Contact Sandra directly for in-person session availability in Sedona, Arizona.

Sandra Walter, Ascension Guide

Sandra's guidance, courses, events, and weekly articles have served awakened Souls for decades.

As a pure conduit of the organic Ascension process, Sandra provides heart-opening support effective practices, and comprehensive courses for true change.  

Sandra teaches how to experience Crystalline consciousness, apply Mastery Skills to daily challenges, and hold a consistent connection to the I AM Presence. She has led the Sunday Global Unity Meditations for seven years, unifying thousands each week in the co-creation of Peace and Ascension.

60-Minute Private Session $444

View Sandra's session calendar and book online.

Terms and disclaimer: You may reschedule with 24 hours notice. No refunds for missed/late cancellations. Sandra's guidance is not to be misinterpreted as professional medical or psychiatric advice. If you have been diagnosed with mental, emotional, or physical conditions, please consult a licensed professional.


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