May Eclipse-Embodiment Webinar

Eclipse Gateway Webinar with Sandra Walter
REPLAY of the Saturday, May 23, 2020 event

Ascension Guide Sandra Walter hosted a Zoom webinar to prepare and enhance our Embodiment experience for the Eclipses of June-July 2020.

This is the predicted powerful 2020 shift point for Embodiers.

Preparing to use the unique Eclipse energies for Divine Embodiment:

  • Preparation prior to the Eclipses
  • Intel on each eclipse passage
  • Freedom template activation
  • Zero Point Unification: Getting there, using it to create highest outcomes
  • Revelation and Resurrection
  • Golden Race DNA code activation
  • Solar activity and heightened Crystalline activations⁠⁠
  • Coming into our organic Creator State
  • Diamond-Solar heart expansion; overriding lower realities
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2020 brings us a brand new experience. Let us embrace the revelation of Embodiment in this Now.
INSTANT ACCESS ON THIS SITE for 45 days to this replay.
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